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December 22, 2005: MOU between IMSUT and IBPCAS and IMCAS (Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, and Institute of Biophysics and Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) was signed by Professor Tadashi Yamamoto, Dean of IMSUT, Professor Rao Zihe, Director of IBPCAS, and Professor Gao Fu, Director-General of IMCAS, in attendance of Professor Zhu Chen, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in Tianjin.
2005年12月22日天津市   2005年12月22日天津市

February 19, 2006: MOU between IMSUT and HVRI (Harbin Veterinary Research Institute), CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences), was signed by Professor Tadashi Yamamoto, Dean of IMSUT, and Professor Xiangang Kong, Director of HVRI, in IMSUT Dean’s Office in Tokyo.
2006年2月19日IMSUT所長室   2006年2月19日IMSUT所長室

May 2006: IMSUT Beijing Project Office was opened on the 27th floor of the Silver Tower.
2006年5月IMSUT北京プロジェクトオフィス   2006年5月IMSUT北京プロジェクトオフィス   2006年5月IMSUT北京プロジェクトオフィス

May 27, 2006: The Inauguration Ceremony was carried out in Beijing to open the China-Japan Joint-Laboratories in IBPCAS and IMCAS, in attendance of Dr. Zhu Chen (Vice President of CAS); Mr. Yukihide Hayashi [Deputy Minister of MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)]; Mr. Hiroki Matsuo (Director, Life Science Division of MEXT); Mr. Shinichi Nishimiya (Minister at the Embassy of Japan); Dr. Sadanori Okamura (Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo); Dr. Takehiko Sasazuki (President of the International Medical Center of Japan).
2006年5月27日北京市中国科学院研究所設置 日中共同研究室   2006年5月27日北京市中国科学院研究所設置 日中共同研究室   2006年5月27日北京市中国科学院研究所設置 日中共同研究室

September 10, 2006: A commemorative was delivered from IMSUT to Dr. Zihe Rao, who was promoted as President of prestigious Nankai University in Tianjin.

January 2007: Mr. Hiroyuki Hirano, Finance Division Head of Finance Department, University of Tokyo, visited the joint-laboratories in Beijing.
2007年1月平野浩之東京大学経理部主計課長 日中連携研究室視察

March 2007: Mr. Motoshi Shinozaki, a director of MEXT Research Promotion Bureau, visited the joint-laboratories in Beijing.
2007年3月篠崎資志文部科学省研究振興戦略官 北京日中連携研究室視察

March 8-9, 2007: International Symposium on Sustainable Development in East Asia, sponsored by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and cosponsored by the China Ministry of Science and Technology, CAS, China National Natural Science Foundation, and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, was held at Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing. In cooperaton with JSPS, Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto (Project Director) and Dr. George F. Gao (Director General of IMCAS) organized and chaired the session “Asian Development and Emerging Infectious Diseases”, inviting Dr. Tetsuya Matsumoto (professor at Tokyo Medical University) and Dr. Myung-Hwan Cho (professor at Konkuk University, Korea) to the symposium. The session was favorably accepted by the audience.
2007年3月8日〜9日北京市日航ホテル International Symposium on Sustainable Development in East Asia   2007年3月8日〜9日北京市日航ホテル International Symposium on Sustainable Development in East Asia

April 28, 2007: Project Director Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto paid a courtesy call on Dr. Xu Tao, who became new Director of IBP, succeeding Dr. Zihe Rao, who had been promoted as President of Nankai University.
徐濤教授 IBP所長就任   徐濤教授 IBP所長就任

May 24-26, 2007: The first symposium on “Role of Universities in Addressing Emerging Public Health Threats in the Asia Pacific Region” organized by APRU World Institute (AWI) was held at Peking University. BPO participated in the preparation from the planning stage. AWI is an organization operated by APRU (the Association of Pacific Rim Universities) and has been organizing symposia on subjects other than Public Health, such as Climate Change. The University of Tokyo is an important member of APRU.
Role of Universities in Addressing Emerging Public Health Threats in the Asia Pacific Region

May 2007: Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto and Dr. Mitsue Hayashi, together with Dr. Wataru Sugirua of NIID (the National Institute of Infectious Diseases), visited the Henan Province, where HIV infection is rampant, to exchange information on HIV studies at the Henan University of Chinese Medicine and First Attached Hospital.
2007年5月河南省中医学院・附属病院を訪問   2007年5月河南省中医学院・附属病院を訪問

May 19, 2007: New buildings and facilities including IMCAS in the CAS Olympic Campus were opened to the public, and Ms. Zhili Chen (Member of the State Council) and Professor Chunli Bai (Executive Vice President of CAS) visited IMCAS for celebration.
2007年5月19日オリンピックキャンパス内新設 中国科学院の施設のオープンキャンパス   2007年5月19日オリンピックキャンパス内新設 中国科学院の施設のオープンキャンパス

June 26-28, 2007: BioEco 2007, a new international symposium organized by the P. R. China Ministry of Science and Technology and the Tianjin Municipal Government to promote bio-science technologies, was held in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. Mr. Yukihide Hayashi (Deputy Minister of MEXT) was invited and talked on the science and technology policies of Japan. Dr. Tadashi Yamamoto (former Dean of IMSUT) and Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto (Project Director) were also invited there and each gave a lecture. Nankai Universtiy President Dr. Zihe Rao, who academically played a central role in BioEco 2007, invited some of his friends to his office, where there is a magnificent portrait of Zhou Enlai, an alumnus of Nakai University and the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China. Also, his big statue is standing at the center of the university campus.
2007年5月19日オリンピックキャンパス内新設 中国科学院の施設のオープンキャンパス   2007年5月19日オリンピックキャンパス内新設 中国科学院の施設のオープンキャンパス

August 30, 2007: Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto gave a lecture on highly pathogenic influenzavirus at a meeting organized by the Japan Embassy for the Japanese living in China. Drs. Yoshiihiro Kitamura, Zene Matsuda, and Mitsue Hayashi also joined the meeting.
2007年8月30日在北京日本大使館 在中国邦人のための高病原性インフルエンザ情報発信集会

September 29, 2007: The 35th Anniversary of Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and China was celebrated with much enthusiasm at the official residence of the Japanese Ambassador, being joined by former Japanese Prime Ministers Yoshiro Mori and Tomiichi Murayama and other important people from various fields. Thanks to Mr. Kengo Wakabayashi, Secretary at the Japan Embassy, the BPO members were able to join the ceremony and explained the current project to some attendants.
2007年9月29日日中国交正常化35周年記念会(北京日本大使公邸)   2007年9月29日日中国交正常化35周年記念会(北京日本大使公邸)   2007年9月29日日中国交正常化35周年記念会(北京日本大使公邸)

September 2007: Dr. Toshio Kishimoto of NIID, a microbiologist-shakuhachi player, visited the IMCAS joint-laboratory and gave a scientific lecture and a shakuhachi concert there. Also, he played the shakuhachi together with common people singing and playing some instruments at the Temple of Heaven, promoting a friendship of the two peoples.
2007年9月IMCASで音楽会を開催   2007年9月IMCASで音楽会を開催   2007年9月IMCASで音楽会を開催
2007年9月IMCASで音楽会を開催   2007年9月IMCASで音楽会を開催

October 2007: Professor Sten H.Vermund of Vanderbilt University from USA, though very busy while visiting Beijing, managed to visit the joint-laboratories and was able to meet with IBPCAS Director Dr. Xu Tao. He is responsible for the newly established, international Fogarty fellowship for clinical research of the US National Institutes of Health.
2007年10月米国Vanderbilt大学Sten H. Vermund教授・徐濤IBPCAS所長面談   2007年10月米国Vanderbilt大学Sten H. Vermund教授・徐濤IBPCAS所長面談

November 24-26, 2007: Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto was invited to and gave a lecture in the International AIDS Conference organized by Professor Bo Peng (President, the Henan University of Chinese Medicine). He was able to deepen a friendship with him and Professor Yi Zeng (Academician, CAS).
2007年11月24日〜26日彭勃河南中医学院院長催 際エイズカンファランス   2007年11月24日〜26日彭勃河南中医学院院長催 際エイズカンファランス

March 7, 2008: MOU between IMSUT, IMCAS, and Beijing Ditan Hospital was signed at IMCAS by Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto (Project Director), Dr. George F. Gao (Director General of IMCAS) and Dr. Jun Chen (Vice President of Beijing Ditan Hospital). The MOU is intended to facilitate collaborative research with Beijing Ditan Hospital, which is constructing a network of clinical research in northern China consisting of 9 provinces.

May 7-9, 2008: IBPCAS Director Dr. Xu Tao visited IMSUT, incidentally at the time of the state visit of Mr. Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China. He gave a lecture at IMSUT and paid a courtesy call on Dr. Yoshifumi Nagai, Director of Center of Research Network for Infectious Diseases (CRNID).
2008年5月7日〜9日徐濤IBPCAS所長 IMSUT訪問   2008年5月7日〜9日徐濤IBPCAS所長 IMSUT訪問   2008年5月7日〜9日徐濤IBPCAS所長 IMSUT訪問

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