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【February 27, 2018】International Joint Forum on Infectious Disease Research 2018

International Joint Forum on Infectious Disease Research 2018 was held in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand, on February 27, 2018. This forum was jointly organized by the Mahidol University Faculty of Tropical Medicine and the union of four Japanese institutes: Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (Osaka University), Research Center for Zoonosis Control (Hokkaido University), Institute of Tropical Medicine (Nagasaki University), and Institute of Medical Science (The University of Tokyo). Eleven researchers from these five universities presented their papers of recent studies on infections, and the participants from the two countries engaged in lively discussion to promote scientific exchange. Dr. Yasushi Kawaguchi (Project Director) and Dr. Jin Gohda (Project Senior Assistant Professor) attended the forum and gave lectures.
【February 27, 2018】 【February 27, 2018】

【March 16, 2017】 Professor J. Inoue Presents a Paper “Cell-Based High-Throughput Screening of Antiviral Agents” in AMED Joint Symposium 2017

Dr. Jun-ichiro Inoue (a professor of Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo / Chief of China-Japan Joint Laboratories in Beijing) gave a talk entitled “Cell-based high throughput screening techniques for compounds inhibiting viral membrane fusion and infection” in the AMED Joint Symposium 2017 held at Japan’s NIID (National Institute of Infectious Diseases) on 16 March 2017. The Joint Symposium is a collaboration of two AMED programs: Research Program on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases; J-GRID (Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases).

【March 14-15, 2017】 The Sixth China-Japan Bilateral Symposium

The Sixth China-Japan Bilateral Symposium on All Influenza Viruses was held on 14 and 15 March 2017 at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Speakers were: 13 Chinese scientists including the world’s leading researchers on influenza Dr. Hualan Chen and Dr. George F. Gao and 13 Japanese scientists including Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka. They presented their recent findings on epidemic of influenza virus in China and on those ranging from the basic molecular studies to the applied studies such as the clinical symptoms and treatment of the patients infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. The symposium was a great success, attracting around 80 participants including students.
【April 27, 2016】First Steering Committee Meeting of China-Japan Joint Laboratory in IBP 【April 27, 2016】First Steering Committee Meeting of China-Japan Joint Laboratory in IBP