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2018/03/30Meetings & Workshops (Symposia)
[【February 27, 2018】International Joint Forum on Infectious Disease Research 2018] Updated
[【February 7, 2018】PIs of China-Japan Joint Labs Lecture at Japan Embassy in China] Updated
2018/03/29Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (Publications)
[2018] [2017] Updated
2018/03/29Institute of Microbiology (Publications)
[2018] Updated
2018/03/29Institute of Microbiology (Staff)
[Ishida’s group] Updated
[2018] Updated
2018/01/15Meetings & Workshops (Beijing Laboratory Meetings)
[【December 12, 2017】 Sixth Research Progress Meeting of Beijing Joint Laboratories] Updated
2017/12/26Institute of Biophysics (Laboratory)
[Director-General] Updated
[Prof. Hualan CHEN Honored with Membership of Chinese Academy of Sciences]
[Prof. Tao XU Honored with Membership of Chinese Academy of Sciences]
2017/05/22Meetings & Workshops
[Steering Committee Meetings of China-Japan Joint Laboratory] Updated
2017/05/02Meetings & Workshops (China-Japan Joint Laboratory Workshops)
[【April 13, 2017】 CAS-IMSUT Workshop on Infectious Diseases] Updated
2016/10/05Institute of Biophysics (Publications)
[2016] Updated
2016/08/31Institute of Biophysics (Institute of Biophysics (Staff)
[Matsuda's group] Updated
2016/05/31Institute of Biophysics (Publications)
[2015] Updated